Skin Vacuum Pro v2

Instababe Skin Vacuum Pro v2

Skin Vacuum Pro v2

Maybe you're wondering why you get blackheads? Simply put, they're clogged pores that contains oils, dirt, residue. When left untreated, they grow and expand, getting bigger and bigger on the
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Powerful but Gentle Vacuum Action Makes Extraction Quick & Painless. Leaves Skin Feeling Clean & Youthful

Remove Blackheads


Remove Excess Oil


Cleanse Pores


Softer Skin After Use




Easy To Use


What our happy customers say?

Quinn N.

Awesome product just go for it!!!

I purchased this product, a bit skeptical, but desperate to find a solution to these annoying black heads on my nose. I settled on this one because it was pink, and looked super cute; I liked that it was rechargeable too. I took a hot shower to ensure my pores were open and after applying a dab of coconut oil to help it run smoothly across my nose, I was ready. I was immediately excited to see blackheads lifting out of my nose. Make sure to keep the probe slowly and constantly moving also I did not need to go past the lowest setting to get desired results. My nose looks better and feels smoother. I am happy with these results!!

Regina F.

Would recommend this product to anyone!

This product really outweighed my expectations! I figured it was cute and purple and seemed like a cool idea so I bought it without really thinking much of it. Holy moly! The suction on this thing is crazy! Literally exactly like getting microdermabrasion done at an expensive Derm office! Noticeable different in my pore size and my skin in actually cleaning up as well. Awesome product!

Lisa V.

Better than expected

I developed blackhead problem on and around my nose area. The price was fair with and it looked good so I decided to give it a go and purchased the product. it arrived in beautiful and organized gift box and nicely bundled with different sized suction heads for convenience. Before use I took hot shower for better results. seriously I was NOT expecting that this machine will pull out that much blackheads and wax out from my face pores. The whole process was painless and EASY and my face felt totally fresh. this machine has some serious suction power and totally adjustable. I like that it is rechargeable and easy to clean. it is totally worth it and highly recommended.

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Instababe Skin Vacuum Pro v2

Instababe Skin Vacuum Pro v2


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